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  • The Prayer Tree

    We have placed rainbow wind twisters in the tree outside our church doors in honor of various organizations who care for our community. We will pray for each of these organizations. We will continue our prayers for the work of these organizations and their staff throughout the summer. The purpose of this prayer tree is to be a visible reminder to those who work to care for our community and the desire we have to be connected with them through Jesus. Below is a letter that has been sent to these organizations letting them know they are being prayed for by our church.

    “We are creating a prayer tree on June 10, 2018. On the tree will be a wind twister that is in honor of your organization. Our church is thankful for all your organization does to care for the lives of those in our community. If you drive by our church and see our prayer tree on Tulip Street, know that our congregation is praying for your work, your workers and those you touch.”

  • Blessings in a Backpack Special Mission

    The mission committee has accepted the invitation to be part of the Liverpool chapter of Blessings in a Backpack. This is a group of local Liverpool churches with the singular focus of providing simple healthy food items on school weekends to elementary students at Seymour Dual Language Academy in Syracuse city schools.

    The goal is to raise $ to provide food for all students at the school. We will start a fall mission collection for this effort on July 22, and look for additional ways to contribute in the months ahead whether it is to collect specific food items or do assembly line backpack packing, or use whatever other talents we have to this shared Liverpool mission.

    Let's be part of that vital mission to act in a solidarity with partner Liverpool churches and show how we love our neighbor leading into this school season!

  • Prayer Chain

    LFPC has a mighty group of prayer warriors that pray continuously for the needs of our church.  If you have a concern that you would like the prayer chain to pray on, contact Leigh Anne, use the prayer box on the home page, or mark "For Prayer Chain" on the prayer card found in the pews.  If you would like to join the prayer chain, please contact Leigh Anne.  

  • Preschool Collection Drive

    We are still collecting returnable cans and bottles for the preschool. There is a bin downstairs outside of Fellowship Hall to place your donations. Please rinse the cans and bottles out first.

  • Are you a Dementia Caregiver?

    Attend an Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Group

    Do you feel like you’re all alone? Would you like to learn from others dealing with the same challenges as you? Support groups provide emotional, educational and social support for caregivers. Join an Alzheimer’s Association support group and learn how the power of your peers can help you navigate your journey. We meet the 2nd Saturday at 11 a.m. at LFPC.

    Facilitators: Florence Felt & Skip Collins. For more information, call (315) 472-4201

  • Men's Boots Collection for Isaiah's Table

    Please drop off any gently used men’s boots for Isaiah’s Table in the laundry basket in the back of sanctuary. Thank you for your donation!

  • Zentangle Group

    On Friday mornings this fall, the Zentangle group will continue to meet.  Zentangle is an art form where art is immersed with relaxation and focus (zen).  Our Zentangle group spends most of its time drawing and laughing.  If you would like to learn more, contact Tracie or Leigh Anne.

  • Food Pantry Shopping LIst

    Protein rich foods with at least 7 grams protein per serving.  Items such as beans, canned meats, canned fish, peanut butter.

    Fruit and vegetables such as canned vegetables, canned fruit in juice or water (not syrup), 100% juice.

  • CNY Photographers

    Meets 6:30pm every third Monday of the Month at LFPC. All are welcome. This month's meeting is on Monday October 16th in Fellowship Hall. 

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